Science popularization of fascia gun 3

2021-06-25 06:51:28
      Fascial gun purchase guide

       1. There is little difference between fascial guns worth more than one thousand yuan. Fascial guns worth tens of yuan and one or two hundred yuan have big impact, instability, amplitude and strength. In particular, the motor, the core part of fascial guns, may be guaranteed by big brands. Cheap fascial guns on the market can't achieve deep hitting and relaxing effect at all. They are simply "vibrators" in the form of vibration, This obviously can not meet the demands of consumers. The basic motors used are brush motors, and some even use inferior motors, which lack protection mechanism and are easy to cause harm to human body. Some fascia guns on the market rotate faster than 3000 rpm, so the vibration force is too large, which is easy to cause harm. The fascia gun between 1800-3000 turns can produce better effect.

       2. Motor (brushless motor or brush motor) 2. Noise 3. Battery capacity (maximum endurance), the battery should not be too small, otherwise the massage is not in place, there will be no electricity 4. Effective amplitude 5. The more the gears, the better. There are obvious differences between the high, medium and low gears. For example, the more than 30 gears publicized by some brands are not practical, and the quality of entry-level fascia guns varies, It can only realize the vibration of the foundation, not a real massage tool.

       3. The fascia gun on the market plays a relaxing role at most, and will not have weight loss effect. If the fascia gun is not used properly, it will not relieve pain, but also stimulate blood vessels, leading to muscle spasm. The fascia gun is not a medical device, which is publicized with the functions of prevention and treatment. It belongs to false propaganda and exaggerated propaganda, and is suspected of violating the relevant provisions of the advertising law and the drug administration law.

       1、 Development trend
       On the evening of July 16, 2020, the delayed "315" party affected by the epidemic will be broadcast. In the chapter of "building a better life with the development of digital economy", it was mentioned that the sales of fitness products increased greatly in the first half of the year. According to the sales data from the e-commerce platform, the sales of fascia guns increased by 2177%, rowing machines increased by 135% and yoga mats increased by 53% in the first half of the year, The sales volume of fascia gun on the platform increased 20 times year on year.