What are the common problems of wireless charging? three

2021-07-07 09:47:14
      Compatibility is the key to mobile wireless charging, and Qi standard can ensure brand compatibility

       Wireless charging technology mainly uses electromagnetic technology to convert current into battery in transmitter, and mobile phone converts electromagnetic into current to charge mobile phone through built-in chip receiver. The key to the promotion of wireless charging technology is to ensure that wireless chargers of various manufacturers are compatible. The formulation of Qi standard makes wireless charging have a unified technical specification, To ensure the compatibility of the unified charger with multiple brands and products, Menno treffers, chairman of the wireless charging alliance, said that Qi wireless charging standard adopts electromagnetic induction technology, which is more efficient and safer than other technologies. Qi wireless charging standard includes three aspects: interface, performance and regulations, which will be a great challenge to the popularization of wireless charging technology. Therefore, the mobile phone passing Qi standard will be able to charge wirelessly through any charging base station, base or other rechargeable device passing Qi certification. Qi's first requirement for the device is that it should not be higher than 5 watts, which may be a big limitation for some manufacturers who hope laptops can also pass the wireless charging technology.

      Some manufacturers have launched Qi standard wireless charging products, and the market is wide

       Energizer, the world's largest maker of batteries and portable lighting devices, said it would soon launch a wireless charger that supports the Qi standard, and will first bring a new wireless charging experience to Apple's iPhone 3GS and BlackBerry Curve 8900 users. At the same time, according to the data provided by iSuppli, a market research company, the wireless charging device market will reach 14 billion US dollars in 2013. Philips has begun to produce new phones with wireless charging settings. The Philips x723 mobile phone has appeared with a 3.2-inch 240x400 screen, GPS and 3 megapixel camera.
       receiving antenna

       Although this article focuses on the charger, it also gives a brief introduction to the receiving antenna. Because this kind of wireless charging device is essentially a transformer, the primary is installed in the charger, and the secondary is installed in the terminal.

       Because the receiving antenna not matched with the charger will cause the current fluctuation in the charging circuit, how to choose a good charging antenna?

       First, the terminal antenna needs magnetic shielding

       If the charging antenna is just a hollow coil, when the nearby metal objects are close to it, it will cause eddy current, which will reduce the charging efficiency, make the energy of the charger not radiate out, increase the current, and make the charger hot.

       Second: the magnetic media used by the charger are divided into organic magnetic materials and inorganic magnetic materials.

       Organic magnetic materials can be made into thin and warping, suitable for mobile phone back cover shell fitting, used in mobile phones; Inorganic magnetic material is made of sintered ferrite, fragile, suitable for large space installation.