What is the water washing glue, the principle of water washi

2021-06-24 06:15:28
      What is washable glue? This is how the name came into being. Removable double-sided adhesive, also known as "removable adhesive", has many names. Because it works in different industries in different ways, the name comes from it. The name comes from the functions, properties or characteristics of removable adhesive. Is that clear? If you don't understand, please look below.
Washable double-sided tape, removable double-sided tape, washable tape

      People who know about removable double-sided adhesive can understand what the washable adhesive is. Removable double-sided adhesive is also called removable adhesive. Its biggest feature is that it inherits the functions of traditional double-sided adhesive, and its functions are increased compared with those of traditional double-sided adhesive. It is more convenient to use and has more places to use.
      Four features: movable, traceless, washable, and n-times pasting; Although the traditional double-sided adhesive is strong, it also has its disadvantages, such as: after pasting once, the viscosity becomes weak after tearing off; The traditional double-sided adhesive tape is easy to fall off. I believe those who have used the traditional double-sided adhesive tape know it.
The so-called water washing glue can get the answer in its four characteristics

      Movable: refers to the use of removable double-sided adhesive paste on the wall, if one time is not in place, then can also tear open and paste again, the adhesive remains unchanged.

      No mark: refers to the adhesive paste and wall separation, will not leave traces.
also known as "water washing adhesive", it is inevitable to stick dust after using removable double-sided adhesive in life, which makes its viscosity weak. If you use 10000 high removable double-sided adhesive, then it is not necessary to lose it, and can be cleaned with clean water and dried, and can be used continuously.
       N times of paste:
it is very well understood that special raw materials are adopted in the new era. Based on environmental protection, safety, non-toxic and green products production, it can be pasted repeatedly (at least 100 times), environmental protection and utilization, without waste.

      Washable removable double-sided adhesive is a new type of synthetic adhesive. This kind of synthetic adhesive can be used repeatedly, leaving no residue, and can be cleaned with clean water when the viscosity is not strong. One side is the fixing glue on pet substrate, and the other side is the washable product.
      Sometimes when you touch it with your hands, it doesn't stick to your hands at all, but if you use it on walls, glass, wooden doors, or smooth surfaces, there will be a lot of holding power.